Let's redefine "fine"

“Fine” isn’t ignoring your anxiety and depression — it’s getting the support you need to live your happiest, healthiest life. Whether it's medication management or talk therapy, our mental healthcare services are designed to
meet you where you are and get you moving in the direction you want to go.

Patient has a Mental Health Talk Therapy visit over a video call from the comfort of their own home.

Mental health treatment

Forget long wait times and frustrating scheduling systems. We make finding mental health professionals easy with on-demand visits. ZoomCare offers multiple mental health services and mental health treatment options, in-person or through video.

Our board-certified specialists treat:


Anxiety disorders                      

Bipolar disorders                  





and more!                                             

Compare your Mental Health service options
Available in Oregon and Washington
Available in Oregon only
In-person or video visits
Video visits only
Same-day or same-week visits
Same-day or same-week visits
Some insurance* and self-pay accepted
Some insurance* and self-pay accepted
60-minute initial** visit & 30-minute return visit
60-minute initial visit & 30-minute return visit

*ZoomCare accepts most health insurers. Please note, ZoomCare does not accept Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, or the Oregon Health Plan. We are unable to provide care if you are covered under any of these plans. Out-of-pocket costs depend on your copay and deductible. Be sure to check with your insurance plan to see exactly what's covered. If you are uninsured, all costs will be payable at the time of your visit.

**Mental Health Meds has two types of visits when scheduling. Schedule a Mental Health Meds - Initial visit if you are a new Mental Health patient or haven't had a Mental Health visit in over 2 years. Schedule a Mental Health Meds - Return visit if you are following up or a returning patient.

Mental Health professionals are here.

Schedule help today.

Don't know where to start?

Our Primary Care providers are a great starting point for mental healthcare – whether you need a general screening or help managing an existing diagnosis. Plus, our Primary Care providers are available at nearly all ZoomCare clinics in Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and Idaho.

Schedule a same-day, no-wait Primary Care visit and they'll get you set on the right path for your needs.

Insurance and pricing

We accept most insurance plans. Coverage and out-of-pocket costs depend on your insurance plan, copay and deductible. Be sure to check with your insurance provider to see exactly what's covered.

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Uninsured rates

Clinic Visit Cost
Video Visit Cost
Mental Health Meds - Initial
Mental Health Meds - Return
Mental Health Talk Therapy - Initial
Mental Health Talk Therapy - Return

*All fees payable at time of visit